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For all our clients and interested parties, the GWFA Global Water Franchise Agency GmbH has been fully merged into our parent company aqua consult Ingenieur GmbH ( as of September 2023.

After fifteen years of consulting and franchising services in the field of water management and sanitation, our projects, our national and international experience, and our team will continue as part of our parent company aqua consult GmbH, an independent engineering company for more than 45 years in the fields of environmental protection, municipal and industrial water management, biogas, solid waste management and air quality management. Our team will remain active for our current clients, but from their respective new positions within aqua consult.

We thank you for these fifteen years of trust in our vision, our work in providing solutions for water and sanitation services to the areas that need it most, and our continuous innovation in international cooperation and business models. We will continue working with our vision and modern approaches within our parent company, where we are sure our impact will be bigger and better in our commitment to improving the delivery of water and sanitation services worldwide.

We are looking forward to many more years of successful cooperation with our existing partners and customers as well as with our future ones.

Yours sincerely,

The Management Board

The shareholder of the Global Water Franchise Agency is

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The aqua consult Ingenieur GmbH is an independent consulting and engineering company in the field of environmental protection. From the last 44 years of our activity we gathered over 1,500 references worldwide concerning water supply, sewerage system, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, biogas, solid waste management and exhaust air projects.

What we offer

Our aim

To combine expert knowledge, skill and technology to carry out projects for the sustainable improvement of water supply, sanitation and wastewater treatment worldwide, for the benefit of the people and the environment. The GWFA is open to new cooperation projects within the water and environmental service sectors. We also welcome partners who wish to contribute additional know-how, products or capabilities to further strengthen our platform.

Our business approach

We work with local partners to offer effective solutions and a comprehensive range of services. The GWFA specialises in franchising as a form of business cooperation with our local partners because we believe it is one of the most effective ways to establish high-performance structures in water management and operations. The Global Water Franchise Business Model received several international awards, including: World Bank trophy in water management 2006, WEX Global Awards for Innovation 2014.

Our network

In order to implement new business alliances based on a franchise model, we also cooperate with international experts from the financing sector. In India, for example, we work closely with Grasshopper Investments designing private financing concepts and structured investment models to enable private investors to fund sustainable water projects.


We are the
C*D*O Company

providing services for Consulting, Development and Operational Assistance in the water sector, preferably with local partners.

We serve the
following clients

  • Municipalities
  • Industries (restricted to certain countries)
  • Others (Banks, Research Institutions, Development Agencies etc.)

We work with
local partners

by following a water franchise business approach.

As highly competent franchisee’s, we operate worldwide to realise water projects on a regional or local scale.


Technical Solutions

(GWFA consulting)

Operational Solutions

(GWFA franchise services)

Financial Solutions

(GWFA financial engineering services)